Packing List

If you are unsure of what to bring to a weekend Retreat, here is a list of things would be helpful to you. 

Since we cannot bring the luggage on the bus every student gets to bring one luggage bag, a sleeping bag, and a pillow. They are allowed to bring a small bag or pillow with them on the bus.


Please ensure your camper's name appears on their belongings


•                Bible

•                Notebook & Pen

•                Toiletries

•                Bathing suit and towel

•                Extra towel for showers

•                Bedding - pillow & sleeping bag

•                Garbage bag for wet/dirty clothes

•                Runners, Sandals & Extra Shoes

•                Bug Spray

•                Warm jacket/Hoody- it gets cool at night!

•                Flashlight

•                Daily Medications (including Prescriptions, Allergy Medication, Over the Counter, and Vitamins and Supplements)*



Swim Wear: please choose modest swimwear that is secure around your body without any spaghetti straps (so if a child grabs onto you they wouldn't rip off your swimwear)


There is zero tolerance for knives, other weapons, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Any other types of bombs or types of guns will not be accepted such as airsoft, paintball, and etc.


*Medications will be kept with the campers.  IF there are specific instruction, please communicate that during online registration.


We also recommend putting your child's name on their articles of clothing and wherever possible, as it makes returning lost items much easier.


Please note that cell phones and all other electronic devices are allowed but we ask they not be a distraction.  If they become a problem, we will have a conversation with the young person to help them engage in the weekend activities


Students will have one bag for all their belongings and one sleeping bag. They can bring their pillow onto the bus but that is it. To make transportation possible they will be allowed one bag and one sleeping bag.



            5:30pm: Check In on bus & Leave Church

            7:00pm: Arrive at Camp Check in & Cabins

            8:00pm: Session 1

            10:00pm Campfire/Cabin Time

            11:30pm Lights out



            8:30am: Breakfast

            9:30am: Session 2

            11:00am: Retreat wide games

            12:15pm: Lunch

            1:00pm: Pool Time

            2:00pm: Outdoor Relay Games

            3:00pm: Gym Time

            4:00pm: Play Session

            5:15pm: Dinner

            7:00pm: Session 3

            9:00pm: Mantracker

            11:30pm: Lights out



            8:30am Breakfast

            9:30am Session 4

            11:00am: Clean up camp

            12:15pm: Lunch

            1:00pm: Pack up & Ready for Bus

            2:00pm: Bus Leaves

            3:00pm: Pick up from The Park

Be prepared to bring something creative to dress up as! We want to have a bit of fun and see what kind of things we can dress up as for our retreat. So please make sure it can fit into your suitcase and we can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

We are doing a COLOR BATTLE this year at the fall retreat and we want you to know how you can prepare! We are supplying the powder and eye protection, but we need our students to bring a set of clothes that can get dirty. It will be a color chaos!