Ian & Tiffany Rowley

Ian and Tiffanie Rowley serve as PAOC/PAONL global workers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Along with their two daughters, Emilyn and Sophia, they are excited and filled with anticipation for what God has in store for their family and for the country of Cambodia.  Ian currently teaches and is the Academic Dean at the Cambodia Bible School.  The Bible School serves as the training institute for the Assemblies of God of Cambodia (AGC) and exists to equip people for ministry.  The church in Cambodia is growing.  The AGC currently has around 150 churches and preaching points but there are only 50 trained pastors.  It is their vision to see Cambodians called and biblically equipped to pastor.  The Rowleys' have also opened a student centre and cafe to reach university students with the Gospel.  They invited the students to practice English and help them with their studies.  This ministry is about relationship.  They develop genuine care for every student and soon introduce them to Christ.  Tiffanie also serves as the administrator for the Child Care Plus program in Cambodia.  There are currently nine sites and eleven staff members that help to oversea each site.  Cambodia is one of the poorest nations in the world; children must forego school to sort through garbage to earn money for their family.  The program helps these children to get an education, feed their families and looks after their medical needs, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Bridge 2 Malawi

Bridge to Malawi consists of a network of individuals, corporations, churches, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and children’s foundations working together towards a common goal. That goal is to give a hope for the future to Malawian children.

Bridge2Malawi is a non-traditional approach to orphan care.  Children are not removed from their homes and villages to stay in a residential/institutional orphanage where they are just another child on campus.  Instead, B2M works with the extended family to help care for the child.  Children remain living with their guardians at home and come daily to the Kids’ World Outreach Society campus for food, clothing and medical care.  

PAOC MISSIONS - Slovakia, Eurasia

Stephen & Patti Hertzog

Steve serves as the Regional Director for PAOC International Missions in Eurasia. He oversees and empowers 40 amazing PAOC Global Workers engaged in “extending the Kingdom and serving the peoples” in 15 nations from Siberia to Spain, England to Israel.

Steve’s passion is developing a healthy and effective team of leaders, churches & colleges to see revival come to Eurasia. Patti will focus on fighting for social justice in the region, specifically in combatting human trafficking, organizing humanitarian aid, and caring for women in ministry. With an area spanning twelve time zones and a population of 742 million… including millions of Muslims, Jews, atheists & nominal Christians…


Dennis & Maureen Scraba

Dennis and Maureen Scraba started Amigo Ministries to facilitate short term mission trips to Mexico, then spread to the Northwest Territories and Ukraine. They also have a passion for supporting national churches, pastors and missionaries by coordinating donations of resources to further their ministry and reach their community.

They have taken literally thousands of people on these trips and had an opportunity not only to bless those they visit but also impact the lives of those who participate.


Brian & Val

Brian directs PAOC's work in Ethiopia, which includes leadership training, discipleship, evangelism, church planting and working with the Church from Ethiopia into the surrounding Muslim nations. Val operates the ChildCARE Plus program that assists 1,500 underprivileged children and families.


Jeremy & Teresa

To meet the demands springing from this growth, Jeremy works in teaching and leadership development. With the great move of church planting there is a desperate need for new local church leadership. He is traveling to various regions to give local church based training. 



ERDO | Emergency Relief & Development Overseas

Since 1983 ERDO has served as the humanitarian agency of the PAOC. Responding to the needs with kindness, compassion and grace, ERDO provides short-term relief in times of severe emergency, innovative assistance to families & communities experiencing extreme poverty, and partnership with communities to develop their God-given resources


RAN Network

RAN Network is a non profit missions agency that seeks to mobilize professionals in mission to Restricted Access Nations. This means that countries that are closed to conventional means of mission work will accept these workers based on their non-religious entry platforms. The goal is to impact the fabric of those nations for Jesus Christ by empowering and releasing passionate Christ followers who will infuse that life and passion into others.