2020 Discipleship Journey

Building commumnity is a central part of how The Park church will grow. Looking towards the year 2020 we believe that God is going to use a network of small groups to expand our ministry to reach a diverse number of people from all walks of life and people groups.

Community life groups are where we meet with one another.

Community life groups are where we serve God with our unique gifts.

Community life groups are where we build lasting friendships.

Community life groups are where we grow to be like Christ.

Community life groups are where others are introduced to the life-changing message of Christ through our personal response to the Gospel. 

Who can lead a Community Life Group?

Anyone! We believe that God has created you to reach others around you with the same life-changing message of Christ.

What do Community Life Groups do?

Anything! Knit together, read and discuss a book or movie, fix a family's minivan, serve a need in our community.

Where do Community Life Groups meet?

Everywhere! Host a group in your living room, garage, at a coffee shop, the gym or wherever you like to gather.

When do Community Life Groups happen?

Anytime! You know your schedule best and we believe that there are many others like you.

Retired? meet early in the morning.

Stay-at-home-mom? Afternoons between naps.

Demanding job? 2 Saturday mornings a month.

Why do we need Community Life Groups?

The Body of Christ is beautifully unique, therefore there cannot only be one approach to discipling people to Christ. "It takes a village" We value people at every age and stage of life, therefore we need to reach people at every age and stage.

Community Life Groups meet people at the point of their interest, need and availability. A church of small groups focuses not solely on the ministry of the pastoral staff to the congregation rather on the whole Body of Christ to those who are at many different levels of understanding about Christianity.

We are committed to seeing a variety of groups facilitated by strong leaders. We want to see God's people equipped for ministry and released to fulfill their God-ordained role. We also believe in providing groups that appeal to new believers and mature believers as part of our discipleship model. 

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Start Groups:

New beginnings and new seasons occur all the time. Start groups build a solid foundation.

Discipleship is always filled with the same grace that God gives us, and that is the fact that it's never too late to START:

Start a relationship with Him

Start praying more

Start reading the Word more

Start a new direction in our relationships

Start stewarding our resources better

Become a member

Be water baptised

The beauty of starting with Jesus is that we can do if from wherever we find ourselves. Whether we've been a believer for decades or days, we all need Christ to continually renew us and take us to the next season in Him.

Grow Groups:

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional." 

Freedom in Christ means we choose where we need to grow by understanding our weaknesses, interests and by responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Growth is important for the disciple. Since we never "arrive" there is always room for growth in knowledge, obedience, faith and sacrifice. Aware of this fact, groups that create deeper growth in these areas will continue to be an important part of life-long discipleship.

Share Groups:

"Real life occurs in community." 

Groups are a safe place to learn and grow, with people you care about, doing what you enjoy!

Gathering together, in the places life occurs, is the exact place that Jesus chose to disciple His followers. Sometimes that was while they were fishing, eating, or at someone's home. Life on life discipleship is exciting, dynamic, but also intentional.  Share groups provide opportunity to invite others who don't know Christ and to provide a bridge to the church.

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