Neighbouring Resources

We are all called to be good neighbours.

Where does my life fit into the great and grand story of God’s Mission? This is especially true as all of our lives have been altered during this COVID-19 crisis. What would it look like if God’s mission was the starting point of your life? What does it look like as we diligently practice AHS Guidelines to protect ourselves and others? Physical distancing does not mean social isolation. We do not have to journey alone.

This is my commandment: that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12

Love the Lord you God… Love your neighbour as yourself… There are no other greater commandments greater than these. Mark 12:30-31

…we are Christ’s ambassadors. 2 Corinthians 5:20

In an effort to put Jesus' words in to action we've provided some resources to go along with our sermon series. Find resources and ideas below on how you can Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.

  • Block Map

    The Block Map is a perfect tool to record and remember your neighbours. Keep in on your refrigerator or in your Bible. Use it to write down the names of the family members, their birthdays and their interests. Having their names before you will remind you to continue to pray for each of them. 

  • 5 ways to b.l.e.s.s your neighbour

    Click on the image to download the pdf of the article "5 Ways to B.L.E.S.S. Your Neighbours" by Dave Ferguson.

  • Simple Ways To Be Missional

    Click on the image to download the pdf "Simple Ways to Be Missional". In it you will find a variety of practical ways to engage with and stay connected to your neighbours.

  • How to neighbour 10-day devotional

    What if we don’t have to travel far to get close to people who are distant from God? What if Christians were the best neighbors? Would your street change? Would heaven be fuller? A long time ago, a religious leader asked Jesus how to get into heaven. Jesus answered with a question, then the story of the Good Neighbor. No surprise, 2000 years later Jesus’ story still explains how to neighbor. Join Pastor Craig Groeschel and Life.Church in a practical, story-filled guide to meeting your neighbors and loving them as yourself. But don’t just read it—live it!

  • The Art of neighboring book by Jay Pathak & Dave Runyon

    Referenced through this sermons series, this book explores the need and power of neighbouring well. Click the image to purchase on Amazon. It is also available to read for free on the Hoopla App! 

  • Life church How to Neighbor series

    Pastor Craig Groeschel preaches 4 messages on How to Neighbor:

    Part 1: Racism Reconciled

    Part 2: Orphans Embraced

    Part 3: Empowering the Poor

    Part 4 Lonely Loved

    Click the image to browse all their series resources including discussion questions.

  • 15 Ways you can be hope for your city

    Effectiveness Coach Jeremiah Raible shares 15 ways church communities can spread HOPE in thier city.

  • ERDO Child Sponsorship

    Neighbouring on a global scale means being a neighbour to the neighbourless. Consider child sponsorship with ERDO.