What an incredible retreat that we had! This was definitely the best retreat that we have ever had, not only because we were able to go zip lining and horseback riding, but more importantly students met with Jesus! 

We are all so grateful and amazed at the goodness of Jesus over the course the weekend, and we are already looking forward to next year!


Ken McIntyre for sharing the Word all weekend and being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit! He really brought the Word in a way that all students can grasp and understand, as well as challenged each of our students!

Carlos and Kennedy Ramirez and team for leading worship all weekend! Their heart for ushering students in to meet with Jesus and being the vanguard for each service. It was incredible to watch our students engage in worship!

Birch Bay Ranch for making this years retreat so easy and stress free on us as a group! Amazing food, friendly staff, and just such a great attitude and love for students! Definitely going back!

Production World for helping us out with all of the audio and visual for the weekend! Our weekend would have been very difficult without your help! Thanks for thinking of things that we wouldn't have thought of before hand!

Leaders for giving everything that you had to pour into the lives of students this past weekend! You make a difference week in and week out in these students lives and just know that Jesus is working through you to shine the light of Him into the students lives!

And finally a huge thank you to everyone who supported us financially as well as prayerfully! Thank you for covering this weekend in prayer! 

We look forward to what God is going to keep doing in students lives this year