Shipping Container to Malawi

Our shipping container has arrived and we are very excited to partner with the community of Sherwood Park in filling the container to send to orphans in Malawi. We will be accepting items until the bin is full with plans to ship the container this Fall. A list of accepted items is below. We will also be accepting monetary donations to cover the shipping costs. Visit our donations page to make monetary contributions.

Please do not leave items after office hours near the container, or items not listed below. We will not be able to use them. For any questions about items you wish to donate, please call the office (780-467-6788), or email

  • Clothing

    We are accepting clothing for all ages. Shoes, sandals, coats, etc. Clothes must be clean and folded for donation.

  • First Aid Supplies

    First aid kits, bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes.

  • School Supplies

    Equipping kids with pencil cases, pencils, erasers, etc. 

    When Back-to-school sales are on, consider doubling what your child needs to send supplies to a similar child in Malawi.

  • Children's books

    We will be sending books for children only.

    Please donate your infant, toddler, and elementary books. (The more pictures, the better!)

  • Gardening Tools

    Sustainable gardening helps provide food for the children as well as a trade to help them once they are too old for the feeding program.

    Hand tools, shovels, rakes, hoes.

  • Adult Bicycles

    In Africa, this is a mode of transportation and a luxury. We will only be sending adult bicycles to help those serving the community or commuting for work.

  • Hand tools (New and used)

    Any hammers, plyers, saws, etc. including hardware such as wood nails.

    No power tools please.

  • Dehydrated soup mix

    Any packaged dehydrated soup mix