Cultivating Faith

The parent is the primary shaper of their child's faith and we as a local church seek to partner with parents and guardians in cultivating faith in their child's life. 

Throughout the year we provide numerous resources and opportunities to be equipped and encouraged in your parenting and discipling of your child.  A parenting workshop series is provided annually as well as weekly resources and tools for cultivating faith at home.  Our Resource Centre also provides current materials by notable authors on topics such as: parenting, marriage, special needs children, blended families, family relationships and much more.

Parenting Workshop

Equipping Your Child to Navigate the Digital Age

Got questions about internet safety, setting guidelines for your child’s use of social media and best practices for navigating the digital age?

Join us for an informative night of practical helps and resources from a presenter with experience and insight.

All welcome! Child care provided.

Erich works in the Law Enforcement field and has done so for the last 17 years. In the course of his work he has seen the growth and change of our society and technology, and so too the rapid development of internet and cyber related crimes. In the course of his work, he has seen first hand the effects of these crimes and the unprepared nature of many people. He is also in the process of completing a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics and is a husband and father.